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Environmental/Social Justice Links:


The Australia Institute: A Canberra-based thinktank that works on redefining economic progress, and environmental sustainability, as well as researching societal alienation.

Friends of the Earth Australia: A grassroots, local groups-driven NGO, that prioritises working with Indigenous communities and raising the claims of climate refugee communities. It has been named 'the conscience of the Australian Environmental Movement'.

Aid/Watch: A very effective group that monitors the social impact of Australia's aid programs. It has done recent work on the AWB Iraq scandal, and the Cole Inquiry, as well as much work looking at Australia's aid to SE Asia and the Pacific, particularly PNG.


Friends of the Earth International: The largest grassroots NGO in the world, with small affiliate groups through the Majority World, campaigning on environmental injustice.

The Durban Group: an international alliance against market mechanisms in the Kyoto Protocol and beyond.


The Corner House: An excellent social justice thinktank that produces good papers.

PLATFORM, London : an activist group that raises consciousness through 'joining the dots' between global warming, corporate rule, the oil industry and militarism.

The Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research: A thinktank that is figuring out what is necessary to prevent dangerous climate change.

People and Planet: A student based environmental and social justice organisation.

George Monbiot: a brilliant columnist from The Guardian.

Rising Tide London: A Radical climate change action group started in the Netherlands (I think), now an international phenomenon.

United States

ACORN: The Association of Community Organisations for Reform Now: an alliance of hundreds of grassroots groups that stand up for economic justice in marginalised communities.

Energy Action: A very powerful youth coalition against climate change.

The Beehive Design Collective

New Politics and analysis

Generation Online http://www.generation-online.org

Neuro-kein http://neuro.kein.org

Nothingness http://nothingness.org

Economic Analysis

"Coffee blog"

Sites building online communities

Human beams http://www.humanbeams.com

Freecycle: www.freecycle.org


Free (open source) software for NGO's, presented on this website by Evan, (hey Evan! thanks!) formerly from TWS.

Community Links Inner West Cultural Services (art space etc)

Newtown Neighbourhood Centre




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