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hi people...

this site is full of writings and links, that will hopefully be relevant to you ...

... to use any of the stories or photographs, email me - anneobr (put the "at" symbol here) gmail.com. i put a creative commons license on this site, which is a great alternative to copyright.

p.s. I dont endorse the ads (except new internationalist)...

The Moreton Bay Fig at uni

I am here in Gadigal country in the Eora Nation.

here is the beginnings of a blog...

here is a speech about economic democracy that I gave at the Students of Sustainability conference in 2005.

Some random short film clips (less than one minute) from my travels

Here are some photos from the Geography field school in South East Asia, that I went on in January 2005.

Current Favourite Link:

Appiko is a great online film about the Indian tree hugging movement, made by the Rainforest Information Centre, Lismore. In the tradition of Gandhi and the Chipko movement, they used direct action to save the forests of the Western Ghats.

Some email lists I recommend:

Global Trade Watch Bulletin: go to the website and sign up!

Inter-Press Service Newswire: This is an excellent source of news, particularly on indigneous, middle eastern and economic justice issues.

Global Issues that affect everyone-sign up for email updates

COA News is a great compilation of video-based independent media. You can sign up for their weekly short video news segments.

Grist Environmental News Service: a popular US-based environmental news and gossip.

Friends of the Earth: updates on environmental justice campaigns.

Aidwatch: the most rigorous and grassroots NGO in Sydney.

PR Watch: subscribe here to get The Weekly Spin- an extensively researched bulletin on the machiavellian PR strategies of major corporations

The Anarchist Age: a Melbourne-based publication, that's interesting, aiming to reignite interest in Australia's radical history, especially the Eureka Stokade. To subscribe, ask by emailing anarchistage@yahoo.com

Schnews:subscribe here

An AWESOME movie about the Argentinian reclaimed factories, now available on DVD-see the trailer

Sydney and Coogee Beach (taken from a plane i was on)

Events coming up:

(none at the moment)

Other Events: active.org.au/sydney

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