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One rainy day, we shut down the World Economic Forum.

People often ask "well if you can't believe the papers, where should we find out what's going on?".

Community media comes in many different styles and levels of participation. It evolves according to the efforts of those who support it.

Progressive non-community media often has a conscious editorial policy, such as The Guardian Weekly and New Internationalist, (which is proud to be 'biased' towards people in the Global South.)

Political commentary, in the form of blogs, also can be excellent. I really like Harold Hark's Blog.

On a similar note, AdBusters has initiated a campaign to democratise the world's media, called Media Carta. They state:

Media Carta is the human-rights battle of our information age. It is about us, the people, taking a stand against a media system that shuts us out and dominates our lives. It’s about building-up an entirely new communication order to replace it, one that has at its foundation the direct, democratic participation of citizens. It’s about reclaiming our most basic freedom – the Human Right to Communicate.

It's a really interesting campaign, particularly looking at their strategy.

Another interesting site is the Sydney Uni IdMedia digest, which is slightly conservative, but at least it has a very incisive critique of SRC factions, that I have to endure each day as part of getting anything done in a grassroots way at Sydney Uni SRC.

Global Indymedia Centre

Sydney Indymedia

Melbourne Indymedia

Active Sydney

Other Useful Sources of Information

Z Net- A huge source of articles on progressive issues from the US.

Open Democracy- a very interesting media site based in the US, but with extensive regional themes.

New Internationalist Magazine- A magazine that has fundamentally transformed awareness of global injustice throughout the world over the last few decades.

Guerrilla News - a US media site that is pretty inspiring.

Spinach 7- A progressive Melbourne-based magazine that we should contribute to!

The Paper -A Melbourne-based publication that has now stopped, yet is a good model for independent media.

Working For Change- A US-based website with excellent articles from progressive commentators.

The Guardian Newspaper- A good quality newspaper that covers issues that the Herald glosses over.

George Monbiot- An excellent columnist for The Guardian, who wrote 'The Age of Consent' and many insightful political articles on GMO's etc.

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