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Responsibility and Radicalism
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One rainy day, we shut down the World Economic Forum.

How many times have you heard that radicals "grow up" and become conservative?

Such a statement is based on an inaccurate idea of what it means to be progressive.

If radicalism is a synonym for irresponsibility, then of course you grow out of it when you get older-

After pursuing random acts of violence, relationships with little commitment, (A la Abbie Hoffman and the Yippies) and having the 'correct', 'most radical' politics- of course you become conservative if your politics are a shallow rebellion against society in general.

It is interesting to note that environmentalism is exactly the opposite approach to society. Environmentalism critiques society for having a lack of responsibility. It is little surprise then, that 80% (If I remember correctly) of Australian Seniors call themselves 'environmentalists'.

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