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Primary School Poetry


I wrote this poem in year three for a "World Society for the Protection of Animals" competition. I won $10.

Animals are one thing people need
For company, or to just breed
some are kept in captivity
But I wish someday they'd all be free.

I hate it how wildlife is killed
from accidents, like oil spills.
So many die from high pollution
I wish we'd have a revolution

So many animals living peacefully
A pleasant example of how we should be
But no, we're at war, guns bangs are a pesk
At war 'gainst the animals
the sight is grotesque.

Killing the animals, killing for meat
No thought given, just more to eat
And here comes the shooter, just licking his lip
It's no good to him, just more weight on his hip

Just when he approaches, he examines the stuff
and thinks to himself that he's had enough
So he picks up his bundle and without a sound
he starts to walk home, leaving it on the ground.

How selfish we are, just shooting for fun
I think that we should have more laws on the gun
Every year there is more of a breeding reduction
Man is to animals a source of destruction.

If we keep on shooting, wildlife will disappear,
And with them will go a unique atmosphere.
So please do not harm them, they have their rights too
And anyway, what on earth have they done to you?

Homeless kid

This is how I think I'd feel
If I never had a single meal
out in the streets, out in the cold
out in the streets, until I'm old.

Along the dusty roads I walk
Past the dashing trains
Through wind and through storms I go
Through highways and through lanes.

Eventually I just sit down in the sun to think
the best thing in the whole world would be to have a little drink.
I was just so cold and lonely
No home, no dad, no mum
It was hard to trudge on slowly with nothing in my tum

(I cant remember the rest- will complete when I get home)

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