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I see the utmost importance of educational methodology. I will gather stuff about this:

Tall Paul has a very engaging and interesting "shambolic review" of the "Italian Effect" Conference at Usyd. He touches on working class engagement with the Academy.

Contemporary Changes to Tertiary Education

Australian university educations are rapidly moving towards a more corporatised, two tiered model, that values education merely for its commercial value as a training provider or as an industry in itself. These transformations are driven globally by corporate lobby groups, and 'trade' agreements such as those of the WTO.

These changes to learning environments and even to the status of knowledge itself (patents etc) make education a branded commodity. This superficial approach to inquiry threatens to undermine the entire Enlightenment project of 'progress'.

Some recent newspaper articles:

California dreaming or tertiary futures? (The Age, November 29, 2004)

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