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Critiques of the System
Economic and Social Liberation (contents)
Resources and Organising skills
Creative Politics
Growing Vegetables
Global Warming
The NSW Student Environment Activist Network (SEAN)
Refugees in Australia
Militarism and Social Justice
Poetry & Music
Books to Read
One rainy day, we shut down the World Economic Forum.

Popular education is very important at this time in history: to unveil the myths we live under, and to empower eachother enough to enable direct democracy- understanding the magnitude of our challenges and allowing us to develop alternatives to the current crash-course system.

This section needs to be far more extensive. I will review some major critiques of the system, eg Wallerstein, others

Roy: Are NGO's now the new workhorses that maintain the injustices of capitalism?

Some media works that are effective critiques:

The Commoner Magazine: This site is one of the most intellectually rigorous, creative, open-minded forums for fundamental critiques of capitalism itself.

Adbusters short films: Here are some short films submitted to the Adbusters contest

Lord of the Rings films with added political subtitles

The Fellowship of the Ring of Free Trade

The Twin Towers

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