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Visionary Economic Systems
Economic and Social Liberation (contents)
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Creative Politics
Growing Vegetables
Global Warming
The NSW Student Environment Activist Network (SEAN)
Refugees in Australia
Militarism and Social Justice
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Books to Read
One rainy day, we shut down the World Economic Forum.

Here are some economic systems that have not been tried yet, and represent some inspirational attempts to resolve the injustices of capitalism.

-->Participatory Economics: ParEcon is a method of organising society in a more ethical and empowering way, observing several principles:

Economic Democracy: People participate in economic decisions to the extent that they are affected by them, for example, individually, in workplaces, in consumer spheres.

Distribution: Work is remunerated ($ etc) proportionate to the degree of sacrifice exerted by a worker.

Michael Albert and Robin Hahnel developed this in the 1980's. Albert's complete book, Parecon, can be found on the internet, here. An excellent summary of Parecon can be found in Wikipedia.


-->Cosmic Accounting

-Energy Accounting

-Buckminister Fuller

-On Malcolm Greenstuart

-->Universal Basic Income

-A NZ site

-US: Basic Income Guarantee

-->George Monbiot's reforms to global neoliberalism in his book "The Age of Consent".

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