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Political Websites
Economic and Social Liberation (contents)
Resources and Organising skills
Creative Politics
Growing Vegetables
Global Warming
The NSW Student Environment Activist Network (SEAN)
Refugees in Australia
Militarism and Social Justice
Poetry & Music
Books to Read
One rainy day, we shut down the World Economic Forum.

Short term: We are currently facing a Federal Election.
Long term: Organise our communities!

The Political Compass

In addition to the test, which maps out your political leanings on a 2-dimensional cartesian spectrum, this site goes into very enlightening detail about the difference between authoritarianism and libertarianism which is JUST NOT UNDERSTOOD by many people who draw a line simply dividing right from left.

Defeat Howard at the Federal Election

I recently got an email about this site from a friend. It seems to be a project by 2 people- It would be good if it were a coalition.

The Australian Greens

The Greens have just launched their election website and are hoping that it can be a major part of their campaign. I know quite a lot of people who are currently joining the Greens, also they set up a campus club at Sydney University a few months ago.

Crazy Arty Websites


The Sydney Art Seen group is organising for artists' rights as workers.



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